False flags, military strategy, sustainable living, security, and global citizens participation

False flags, military strategy, sustainable living, security, and global citizens participation

Are all old stories?

What can we think out of a video like this one ?

Can we see a pattern in human history beside culture, religion and beliefs.

I can not verify myself any of the statements Mt Corbert made, but, would be responsibility to think he is tottaly wrong in all of them?

As for war strategy, it is true a false flag have been used several times in history, it would work, but can our modern world well educated culture perceive or like to notice false flags taking place?

what make it unpossible for modern world culture citizens notice false flags ?

Why would be important or relevant ?

Wouldnt be better to let the government do, and care for own issues and do not see, close eyes, ears, senses, and trust completely the government knows what to do ? To say the government means a great word… includes every one, all powers: state, ejectivive, laws, military, social culture management… all.

can we let every one in management possitions in our nation or country just do what they want, and do not at least care for noticing what they do ?

Well, many people, maybe 99% of citizens do not want to care… then why to call in them the interest ?

I think if the 1% that cares, also gets involve into management of nation and culture, they would find out what to do according to their best knowledge and intentions.

I would not judge a tribe that fights against a tracktor cutting trees, nor a village fighting against networks or robbers, nor a country or nation trying to fights against their neighbors or a region trying to become independent.

I think there are also historical reasons for their decisions and maybe several other alternatives tryed out.

War strategy is not social or culture management strategy, it is military type of strategy applied for culture, wealth, economy, development, security sustainability.

Can you judge out of youtube what is the real esscenario ?

i my self do not know

i just wonder, how far we as global citizens need to go ?

into caring for our own nation…if we would like to participate, we then would need to be conssistant and get not only interested and informed, but study the field, the history, the situations, the alternatives…and get prepared in order to be part of the 1% of the population that takes over management that do act and cares, and invest whole life into doing that, or maybe a family generation after generation.

If there is people that knows what to do… will you do it with them ? for them ?

Or would you learn ?

Or would only observe ?

How far would you go into your commitment and consistency ?

Stay in the 99% or become 1%

Here the video report on false flag