Meet up for Peace

May you have 9 minutes to review the following 2 video presentations and urls (sites)?
I suggest peace to be a daily life issue, we all can work on. Emotional self-management, non violence, love, relationship, family, culture and life care, heritage, all of these fields are related with each other.
How to create individually a change towards peace through our daily life i explain in meet ups scheduled every week.
  • Meditative performing Arts
  • Use of nature principles for organization, team and community management
  • Conscious meditative love making for empowering love relationships
  • Non violence and emotional self-awareness for daily life
  • Human rights, culture and life care, peace awareness
I would like to inspire people enquire on peace, heritage, life; as well invite them to join me in a Nordic and World Online Campaign, as members, volunteers, interns, trainers, assistants, representative, supporters, or fans of our campaign.
Thanks for your collaboration by sharing our urls
May peace and love change our world
The Asgard Project, Prime Culture and Prime Tech applied for peace, Video Presentation on peace issues
Prime Technology, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken private research on human factor and nature principles is based on the observation of organic sustainable development models, daily life human capacity of application of self-awareness, perception, decision making, emotional self-management, and of use of symbolic and emotion-based language for communication, collaboration and co-creation for the purpose of life, family, community and culture care, peace, sustainable development and heritage.
All you need is love, peace campaign through performing arts, non violence, human rights, emotional self-management and meditative conscious love making as core themes for an artistic self expression, performance for peace.
FB Meditative Performing Arts for Peace
  • Questions and answers
  • Sharing
  • Pechacucha 9 minutes presentation
Ask for schedule to
skype @ luisdanielmaldonadofonken
FB The art of peace (non violence applied to daily life family and business)
FB Meditative Conscious Love Making for Peace
FB 3 ONLINE Learning Programs for Peace
FB Meditative Performing Arts for Peace
FB The KAP Project
Community Building for peace
FB Prime Do
Non violent martial arts
FB Therapists for tortured animals call
FB Lifestyle Travelers for Peace
FB Family Connection
(Case study)
Brining own family together for peace
FB The Legacy Project