The Art of Peace Dojo (Prime-Do Non Violent Martial Arts)


What is Prime Do ?

Prime Do is a non combative Martial Art, dedicated to the non violent practices of all the arts, it is a practice of heart based self-awareness and self-consciousness, emotional self-management. Prime Do is a practice of peace and love.

Prime Do is the practice of all the arts, in daily life, for peace, love, family, culture. Its advanced stage of practice means the practice of prime love, divine perception and divine action, in daily life, family and business.


The History of Prime Do

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, founder of Prime Do,  practice martial arts since young age, while focus the core of his practice in the meditative and yoga aspect of martial arts. In particular he will dedicate himself to the practice of the presence in the heart, a prime breathing meditation dedicated to emotional self transformation. As yoga and meditation teacher will integrate these practices into the practice of bow, sword and body contact katas.

Author of books dedicated to the art of peace, where the practice and understanding of martial arts is key “The Art of war”, 400 pgs. and “The art of peace” which include references to several practices of Prime do, and the point of Prime Do regarding martial arts practices, dance, love, government, culture and sustainable living.

Since 2007 dedicated to facilitate Prime Technology (Consultancy services for corporations and community, towards sustainable living), integrated also the practice of Prime Do applied for emotional self-management as a non violence practice.

As for since 2013 he is dedicated to facilitate Prime Do practices for non violence, to be integrated in daily life and business, family and education, culture and government, facilitated through “The Art of Peace Project”.

The practice of Prime Do, have been done as traditionally suggested according by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, in nature. The forest, mountains and coasts (of lakes, rivers, seas and oceans) of Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Finland and South-america Pacific, have been witnessing the creation and development of the Prime Do Katas, and his students have received transmision and instruction on practices of all the arts of Prime Do.

Along the development of own Prime Do practice, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken discover common patterns of practice, focus, intention and attention, in several martial arts practitioners he met, which gave to him a field of research into ancient martial arts practices in all cultures. As for these particular kind of martial artists, will pass through five stages of development: the self-mastery in the body, emotions, mind, energy, behaviour, action; the self-mastery in the wisdom for collaboration and creation of harmonious development of the individual, family and culture; the self mastery for the integration of the principles of life and divine purpose, in the practice of the art; the self-mastery of the power of creation of life, history and culture; to finally the self mastery in the state of integration, prime self union, with prime source (divine source of all that is). Being these 5 stages of development of a martial artist towards becoming an instrument for peace, harmony and balance of all that is as all that is is expression of prime source.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, recognized in several practices of all the arts, along history, practitioners that reached those or associated 5 levels or stages, and became caretakers of life, according to own level of practice, as by following a path of divine perception and divine action. Cultures like China, Japan, India, Israel, Germany, Skandinavia, Russia, Greece, Rome, U.K., Galia, Spain, Egypt, Persian, Arabic Countries, and Tribal cultures of all over, have had such kind of warriors, to be listed as heroes in all their own cultural history.

By applying this knowledge out of own research and own practice Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken observed following sings into modern warriors he met:  Focus not into violence or agression but into the spiritual practice within martial arts, as an art dedicated to self-mastery; the nature of self responsibility these practitioners will show regarding care of life, harmony, and balance in the development of culture and society, their refined interest into knowledge, beauty, precision, wisdom; and the interest and skills into practicing all the arts: healing, self healing, gardening, arts of color, form and sound, dance, symbolic language, sacred love, family and culture care, sustainable living applied for daily life, family, business and others.

Prime Do, is an ancient path of sacred warriors in alignment with life and divine principles, as known by history, myth or leyend, those warriors have perceived as heroes, mystics or wise men, magicians or demigods, even, some of them, recognized as gods. Creators of culture, tradition, knowledge, and peace.

Prime Do Practitioners have had several challenges along human history, as for the practice of war developed by warriors dedicated to apply only power based practices, for achievement of own interests, wealth or power. Warriors that in principle did decide to lead war, apply violence, chaos and destruction, of cultures, of families and valuable individuals along human history, including hunting down Prime Do practitioners. There for Prime Do Practitioners have not been found nor traced, nor history registered their schools.

Traditionally Prime Do Practitioners teach 1-to-1, transferring in this modality their abilities and wisdom, from master to disciple. Eventually schools will be open, which will be dedicated according to conditions of time and place, to the practice and promotion of the higher values of Prime Do. Prime Do Master, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken is convinced and network with other Prime Do practitioners that live nowadays around the globe, and he is wishing that one day soon, out of Collaboration and Wisdom, the ancient path of Prime Do, will become again popular and give a foundation for peace, care for life sustainability, culture, harmony and balance in our modern world.

Prime Do Master, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, have been teaching Prime Do to his students since 2007 in a public way, while along his own practice and dedication to the Path of Prime Do, he has been empowering and teaching own crew, team members, community-network, since 1987.

Since 2014, after the completion of the 9 Katas of Prime Do, Prime Do Master, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, back from his spiritual archeology expedition in Russia, opened the DOJO practice for Prime Do in Helsinki, Finland.

Prime Do is the practice of all the arts, in daily life, for peace, love, family, culture. Its advanced stage of practice means the practice of prime love, divine perception and divine action, in daily life, family and business.

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