Performing Arts for Peace (Athena-Apollo-Helios Theatre, The art of peace Ensemble)


Athena-Apollo-Helios Theatre

The art of peace applied to performing arts.

I would like to invite you again join the casting/audition/training process for the 9+ Years Project of the Art of Peace Ensemble, (Prime Theater)
A brief overview: The Prime Theater project is looking for performing artists, crew and production members, that would like to dedicated themselves to empower/create global culture and peace.
In order to join our team, you need to qualify, not only in your artistic, producing or collaboration abilities, but also in your ability to apply non violence practices and emotional self management practices and others we do facilitate.
I would like to know how good you are at applying them and integrating them in your art work.
Through a training program of 5 up to 9 units of training, you will be evaluated. We will review your CV and also ask you apply your own art, perform and perform by applying your methods and practices. A final homework will complete your profile and a private individual interview for sharing the results of the evaluation will be scheduled. Along that interview we will discuss the field, roles,  or projects we consider you are ready now to join, and through complementary training what I perceive you would be capable to achieve. To finally close to a collaboration agreement if eligible or apply, according to each case.
We look for a crew of at least 9 members, but we have in schedule several projects that other small teams of 3 and 5 members can develop. Personally i do not mind to build up a community of 27 or 45 artists or more. So far you follow up our training process and show tangible skills to deliver what we are looking for, and agree to collaborate and participate in our terms, you are kindly welcome to join the continues training program we will offer 2014-2015.
We already organized two casting/training/audition event, of 2 and 3 days each, we still need more crew members.
I personally would like to organize/schedule one more casting training in 2014 and at least 3 in January 2015
How can you join a casting/audition/training event?
  1. write us an e-mail and tell us you are interested
  2. suggest us idea dates for you ( count/distribute at least 9 hours up to ideal 27 hours training)
  3. We will inform/contact you as soon as we build a small group and find a venue for the wished casting/training/audition event
  4. we will schedule also a skype online individual interview @ luisdanielmaldonadofonken
  5. We would like to review your CV, portfolio, video clips, on advanced as well.
PRICES?  (NO Price)
Notice that this process we provide is free of costs for you, while we still might have to care for day expenses, venue and others. We would like to fin the ideal collaboration partner in order to reduce our expenses, while we will provide you a quality training in value of 900.00 EUR you do not need to pay back. We ask you for your understanding collaborating with the organization and rules set for the process of evaluation.
We have several performing projects in mind and would like to schedule them while it is priority to have first a crew, artists, and also a trained ready for rehearsal team. As soon as you are ready , we will assign the projects to artists according to the level they did achieve in the application of our practices and methods.
Yes, you are welcome to join the demonstrative and continues practices we held in Espoo and Helsinki every week, also under same format (free of charge). I (Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken) practice those methods with friends, team and students, as for daily personal development activity, and every one at any location i arrive is welcome to join me without any cost.
Just contact me for schedule and details.

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