Dear Peace Activist

I would like to kindly invite you organize a series of presentations and seminars i provide on “The art of Peace”.

My name is Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken. Year 2013 i rented one floor of the peace station in Mutlangen, Germany, for the purpose of working on the art of peace book and seminars. Since then i have been sharing along my travels, on the art of peace.

The art of peace focus on the fact that modern culture have been built based on war strategy (perception that apply agression, fear and power based solution making and decisions, for sustaining or caring of life and culture, or private interests).

Since 1987 i have been working in the field of human factor, resilience and sustainability. As martial artist, meditation, yoga trainer and consultant for business, the art of war came to my my books collection.

I realized the art of war principles come out of nature principles and strategies for life care. This information can be verified in every day life in nature. Also a power based solution making practice have been associated to the need of use strategy of war (agression, violence). While it is possible to apply other non violent practices. The purpose of this training is to show how.


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