Art of Peace Boot Camp 27 Online

Art of Peace Boot Camp 27 Online

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The art of peace as a training for peace activists, family, community,business, social or culture managers is necessary for humanity present, perception of our past and future, for heritage, sustainability of our life and culture.

“It is in our daily life that the modern global citizen must study, practice, apply, empower, care for peace, harmony, life, culture and human rights. One should apply nature principles and heart based consciousness, as those are beyond language, culture, history, and are common for all human species”- Odin Theta.

The training includes 9-27 units, of 2×45 min each, online, skype, with LUIS DANIEL MALDONADO FONKEN, where the foundation of the art of peace will be provided, discussed and trained on skype.

The training includes also self study materials, workbook, and review of the audio materials of the art of peace 9 Gatherings Helsinki 2014. It will also include the books and presentations: “the art of peace and the art of war” by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.

The training can be provided to individuals or study circles.

Length: starts with 9 units, can be extent to 27 units.

TRIAL: 3 units training scheduled within first 27 days. where to learn: core practice, emotional self-management, non violence applied, the earth element-property, culture, life and heritage care/sustainability and peace.

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