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Along my road trip along Black Sea Coast in Russia, 2014, i will tell stories and poetry, but i will intent to ask musicians to background my art with their art. One day a guitar was in front of me and i did start to play it, intuitively, a new method did birth and since then i have been telling stories through poetry with a background of chords played intuitively with a method/practice i will describe in this book.# # I am certain, this process, creative, in which new arts methods and practices have been developed, will continue, as part of my spiritual journey.# # As for since 2013 i am dedicated to peace activism, my songs, poetry-telling, turned to be a call for peace, love, heart-based consciousness, harmony, spiritual self-responsibility.# # In this book i will share the side of the method and practices, and suggest you try them out yourself. Wish you a Joy-Full Journey Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken


The Master Sun Tzu brought principles of sustainable living into the field of war when the conditions present in his land and time brought him(his land)to a point of organic survival limit. The art of war have been studied not only by master Sun Tzu,but by many wise men along earth history, like Bruce Lee,Carlo Magno,Saladin,Napoleon,Julio Cesar,Theodor the Great,Gengis Khan & others.It has been applied along human history by politicians,business people,scientist,spiritual circles and religions. The 3rd-9th World wide wars will be also reviewd by this edition. The Art of War, is the synthesis of the Sacred Warrior series of books written by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken. Five complete books are also included in this edition: Blue Star Warrior, The Self Transformation Pathway, The Sacred Warrior and the Inner Sword, Symbolic Stories, Poetry, Quotes, Workbooks and references to videos and books by the same author. By buying the first DRAFT ed. you will receive the next ones free



Pedagogy for warriors of peace Pedagogy for divine expressions of prime self love The children and the prime force A booklet for djedi parents, by the golden djedi order by luis daniel maldonado fonken



The art of peace Informs on how have been used the art of war for management of our modern world civilization: politics,religion,military,business,social development, technology,science,culture,education. Talks on understanding on the art of war and its relation to nature principles. Bring awareness on how nature principles and self-consciousness, could be used in order to make out of nature principles, an art of peace. Bring skills and wisdom necessary, in order to transform a war situation/field, into a peace, resilience and sustainable living field. There are 9 fields of application, from individual daily life up to self-organized networks, communities or organizations, to cultures and global development, where trained individuals can apply their art for peace. To bring awareness of the need of global resilience and sustainable living care, through art of peace, and through the application of global perception based strategies. Inform on Golden Jedi Order training provided for “for peace” warriors



HISTORY: WAR OF SEXs LAYERS of DECEPTION / How Matriarchy-Patriarchy Caste Intent of establishing a Global Consciousness-Dictatorship developed for 1000s of years have been noticed by the Gods and the Goddesses in prime self-union./THE ART OF WAR IN PRIME SELF-UNION – STUDY MATERIALS FOR GJO´s´ PADAWANS OF THE GOLDEN JEDI ORDER (GJO) : 2013 / Additional e-Books included in the red series edition: *9G, 9 Genders, 9 Lovers (630 Pg) *The Art of war, Practices, methods and path of self-transformation (414 Pgs) *The Origin of the Lovers Culture and Gods and the Goddesses in Prime Self-union. *Jedi Origins & The Golden Jedi Order *Story Telling: What is good and what is bad? *Matriarchy Intent of establishing a Global Consciousness-Dictatorship developed for 1000s of years. *CONSPIRACY: Enforced addoption of children *Symbolic Story telling: an ancient consciousness-emotion systemic therapy method / BY LUIS DANIEL MALDONADO FONKEN Akka El Ahmar, The Story teller Book written in Symbolic Language


CONSPIRACY: Global Mass Mord – A Transhumanic 72K years cold war strategy. By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Story telling in Symbolic language. * Transhumanic cold war of 72000 years * War strategies:hunting post humans * Post humans living among us * The treath doesnt come from earth or the revolution comes from earth? * Join the global revolution!



Consciousness Based Castes for Global Sustainable Development Sustainable Human Self-Organization & Resilience Overcoming the Illusion of Democracy, Recognizing the actual social development for that is, Empowering castes resilience and sustainable development, Impacting Globally the sustainability of the human species on earth. * Do you know exists castes in all cultures and history of earth, that have been invisible to human history? * Would you like to know your own caste? here you will find few questions and advice how to recognize your own caste. * would you like to meet members of your own caste?



Transhumanic Wars / 1927-2017. Why military should take over the strategy, implementation, development and management of global sustainable development? Sustainable development applied globally requieres from a global pupulation capable to take decisions with individual authonomy, self-awareness and self-responsibility. Are governments capable, are private organizations concernes, can police police the necessary re-education of humanity on “planet-earth”,what about the other game players. If Military takes over, can humanity take for granted that sustainable global development will take place. Or what is the real war taking place invisible to the deceived-senses of some of the inhabitants of “earth-planet”? Which is the real war taking place? Who are the gods and goddesses in a state o sacred union immerssed into prime self-loving love source core ? are they among you? how can you recognize them? can you? why would you ? what do they want from you?Will something change in your life after you read this book?


virtual war

You will get digitalized, the virtual war, or “the control of human consciousness”. on Science, Technology, I.T. and Internet. Why self-awareness and self-responsibility? L D Maldonado Fonken, former IT open a clossed book, for the eyes of those that can see. It is a collection of microarticles and blogs posts done in february march 2013. Suggests a groundbreaking point of view on the human capacity and rights for self-determination and justify the existance of self-awareness/consciousness-based-casts, suggest divine intervention for the purpose of global sustainable development, and announce the “judgement day” as natural consequence of human self-unresponsible behaviour.



Lady Warrior.The Black Magicians and the Virgens. About how the blue star warriors, lovers from the stars, saved the lady blue star warriors from the dangeons of the black magicians.Workbook for blue star warriors and lady blue star warriors. This is a story about real life. Who are the black magicians and since when are they dedicated to keep in their dangeons the lady warriors, and why? A blue star warrior and a lady blue star warrior, are in principle one, at the core of prime love source. The quest, is about love, and also about the liberation of the multidimensional realm. The quest is about ascension, is about self-loving love is about self-awareness, is about self-responsibility, self-empowerment, self-enjoyment. The quest is about union, in a sacred state aligned and immerssed into prime love source The travel of the blue star warriors, lovers from the stars STORY TELLING by L D Maldonado Fonken



What is money? Is it an abstraction, a non-tangible creation, is it real? does it exist? What is wealth? How can be wealth perceived from the point of view of multilevel sustaiability (Sustainable development, sustainable living, sustainable ascension)? Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken provides insight throughout this booklet, refering to a previous publication (ONE Network – Holowealth). One of the main subjects intentions of this booklet is to questionate the idea of money or wealth as evil. It is also the intent of this Booklet to review the principle of multilevel sustainable living from the point of view of individual and collective self-responsibility, also in terms of wealth. Self-responsibility as a result of perception, self-awareness, self-knowing, self-oneness, self-love and capacity for self-enjoyment. How Consciousness affect the potential wealth of the individuals? EDITION: this is a first draft edition, by buying this edition you can request to the author the next editions free



Do business create ascension! The spiritual path of doing business provide a motivational introduction to a “new” public field of work in the multilevel sustainability field of study and training.The spiritual business industry have been since its origens integrated to the management of wealth,including individuals-collectives (perceived as units of wealth).The modern business world is the unconsciouss child of the ancient spirituality industry. Multilevel sustainability developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, as a business know how, standard and path for self-development, is a key for a sustainable future in which a total integral experience of the humanity doing business is meant to be acknoledge as it is for taking self-responsibility for own and own collective sustainable future.The art of doing business by following a spiritual, nondual, self-transformative approach able to inspire and facilitate an upgrading of human consciousness-ascencion.EDITION: buy this draft edition,receive the next one free



Sustainable Development & Self-Awareness Multilevel Sustainability Webinar & Seminar A Booklet for Self-learning – Workbook The 3 Elements & The Heart Method & Keys to Make it Tangible by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken. This booklet complete the webinar and seminar set of materials and need to be readed with the PRESENTATION in powerpoint also published here.



Business vulnerability as a strategy for change. Non tangibles consuming: Cases of abuse and corrupted behaviour in the modern spirituality industry and its “movements” Ref. to global awakeners, ascension guides, change makers and others representatives of the indigo, lightworkers, star seeds, spiritual-business, shift, truth, autenthicity sustainability movements and others.



The women planet: The Cutting Penis Ceremony & The liberation of the male A work on truth and self healing Draft Edition, and collection of letters. Open work on process to be completed. This book is dedicated to the lovers, in a state of sacred union, the sacred healers of water, the collective which is nor male nor female, the gods and the goddesses in a state of sacred union, at the innermost space of the heart, the space of the beloved. This book is dedicated to the state of oneness necessary for collective self healing in truth and love. “I would like, through this form of a men, to experience through my own femenin frequency and principle, organically and emotionally too, that vision of oneness and harmony, you, through your female form knows. in the same way i will share with you mine, by supporting your awakening in a state of union and oneness. Just to say ” we apologize” it is not a real change, unless onenness and truth is present in a 3-Fold expression of care for each other.



L.D. Maldonado Fonken shares another key for EM Developers and EM Practitioners. Time management and the hability to perceive time. As modern science already understand the key role that peception plys on human capacity, reality and development, time management is a field that cannot be avoided when we study perception fields and develop our peception habilities. In February 2010 EM announced a new advanced way to practice Elements Mamanagement: EM Quantum.How do we manage time with EM Quantum? Is it still EM Process an organic one while we apply EM Quantum Management? How to design sustainable living with a EM Quantum perception of life?



ADVANCED EM BOOK: “The organization, a human based transformational organic consciouss light engine”. Starts a series of books dedicated to elements management applied L.D.Maldonado Fonken, Creator of Elements Management and the EM Companies, inspire us with insight into the reality of an organization and corportation, and its similaritis from the point of view of perception of essential patterns of behavior and consciousness a variety of levels of awareness, with the individual and collective. “an organization, a company, a community collaboration process are human based transformational engines, … the organization of your own daily life and personal development, and even the management of your own spiritual awakening and consciousness shift is done within an organic-energy-consciousness-living systhem, created by you: human. You are, human, a cosmic wheel, a multidimensional chakra that alouds new qualities of consicousness enter this organic realm. Do your life in another way! “



Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, with this new book, from the series of Blue Star Warrior, Sacred Inner-Light Sword, and the Golden Blue Bolt Star Method, bring insight to the sacred practice of archery. “This book is dedicated to the space of practice, of an archer, the inner archer, that is ready to throw the arrow into the center of the vortex that lead us to the state of union with prime source. Archery is a sacred practice of union, and give us access to several forms and possibilities, levels and experiences of meditation, up to the state of total integration in own true nature.”



The workbook offers you insight,selfdiscovery process and advice for the experience of waterness practices underwater. The waterness meditation workshops have been created by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, inspired by his encounter with dolphines, and their teachings about human joy, life, nature, communication, collaboration and collective awareness he received from them. Inspired by his inmediate close and long distance, empathic-telepathic and spiritual experience with dolphines, by experiencing the multidimensions and language, wisdom and knowledge of water, along many years, since 1999, L.D.Maldonado Fonken have been facilitating Aqua workshops, enhancing individual and collective awareness, as well as facilitating a reconnecting, bridging experience for his students, in relation to the water nature of human beings and the symboles and archetypes of water. A complete self study set of additional themes workbooks tandem video practices and videos is available under request.



„A sunset, a sunrise, are healing, as well the celebration of life, the sound and sand of the stars, and the nourishing substance of the sacred breathing and the cyclic time are healing too“ „ The arrow cross the space with a silent sound, by landing on earth it completes its purpose“ „ The dance of the lovers starts by greeting and honoring the sacred field of the dance, the melody that move us to dance, the joyfull emotions that make our hearts and bodies shine, the dancer that with us cocreates the sacred performance of life, and the river of time in which we navigate kindly, softly and sweetly. Oh! That bliss again!“ ~ L.D. Maldonado Fonken *** By doing this workbook you are elegible for EM Coaching and EM training Gift Certificates ***
EM Personal Self Development Series: The sword at the forge, will experience the fire of transformation, the edge between being and the possibility of being, the state of process to completion and completion, the raw metal and the sword“. When we talk about inner development arts, we talk about „the invisible“ that can be described only with symboles, and felt and known with our whole beings. This book and workbook are dedicated to facilitate to you a self education process, in the EM Sacred Warrior Pathway, through the practice of the EM Inner Sword, EM Secrets, EM Blue Star Method, EM Self-Transfromation Pathway & EM Golden Sphere of Love. A complete introduction to EM Inner Pathways.
Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken created this new workbook dedicated to: Emotional Self-Management -Emotional Time & Organic Process Management. It is a complementary material for EM Academy Online students, and it provide references EM Publications and videos as well. It is a very practical guide for self learning and self-awakening. “To describe an event after it took place cannot be called perception”. The workbook has the function to support students of the elements management academy in their self-learning and collaborative learning process. This workbook complete the information provided by the videos dedicated to this training available at our online networks. Emotions are the key for the shift of consciousness we are looking for How to manage time and emotions for your personal spiritual awakening process? Emotional human factor, is the bottom and top line of the performance of an organization, community, collaboration, creative or loving relationship process.
EM Path to self transformation, provides you a series of trainings and unique insight and practice, into the art of EM transformation. By receiving the world and ourselves as we are, we embrace the echo, and the truely unique opportunity to express our true core. Every door, every window, every pthway is an oportunity for us to meet ourselves in the sacred speace of the heart. The EM Path of Trasformation offers you the possibility to work with your own inner real circumstances, according to your time and organic process of self development, the right methods and techniques will be fascilitated, to enhance your EM Travel experience. The following article, was written in order to facilitate some insight to the arts of war, healing, aikido and teaching. To the path of the sworrd, understood as the path of the inner truth, a path of harmony, love and elightment.
When symbolic language, myths and interdimensional experiences come together into true stories that modern science cannot explain, the travelers, sacred warriors and lovers from the stars, are the ones that know and hold the truth and light into the hidden realms of women. “Men are asleep, and women cannot wake them up, unless risking their lifes. But the travelers know.” This new symbolic collection of stories by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, explores into the most hidden fears, of men and women, and the realms of mankind that are invisible but now being healed by the lovers from the stars, the travelers, sacred warriors.
Poems, Symbolic stories, transcriptions of videos done live, references to EM Blue Star Warriors, EM Golden Arrow and EM Inner Light Sword Practices By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken ” I really wish more and more EM Practitioners and students of the EM Academy, love, light and truth warriors, will discover the essential and direct benefits of this practice of harmony, love and awareness. Multidimensional Self responsibility is an uncommon good, nowadays. As well, the ability to compost (transform) or re-direct and adjust the inner patterns of behavior that have been inherited from earth time lines, collective, blood and DNA, into a sustainable holistic behavior and life care attitude. A true warrior cares for the sustainability of life conditions that nourishes own and collective natural self-development, awakening and realization of the true core, the principle of love. “
“That is how all comes true, you do litle, day by day, in 9 days you did already some steps, in 9 months you really accomplished a stage of your dream, then is not a dream any more, it becomes a real experience.That is the way i live my life.” “There are no secrets or receipts that can make your life easier or succesful, but yourself, within your self, the sparkle of all knowledge, wisdom, truth, love, joy you are, have been and will be. Within yourself, now!” ~ L.D. Maldonado Fonken By doing this workbook you are elegible for EM Coaching and EM training Gift Certificates
EM Personal Self Development Series: The sword at the forge, will experience the fire of transformation, the edge between being and the possibility of being, the state of process to completion and completion, the raw metal and the sword“. When we talk about inner development arts, we talk about „the invisible“ that can be described only with symboles, and felt and known with our whole beings. This book and workbook are dedicated to facilitate to you a self education process, in the EM Sacred Warrior Pathway, through the practice of the EM Inner Sword, EM Secrets, EM Blue Star Method, EM Self-Transfromation Pathway & EM Golden Sphere of Love. A complete introduction to EM Inner Pathways.
The Indigo Elephant by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken(Indigo Adult). “Right now, somewhere, there are 9 people touching an elephant with closed eyes”. What are indigos? what are first wavers, indigo, crystal, golden, star, superpsychic children? Are only children or already young adults? This book intent to answer and ask questions regards the new generations. “The death of the first waver is a symbol that represents the loose of awareness, counsciousness and the rejection of own true self.” This story is specially dedicated to all the first wavers that gave their life while standing the world ´s reaction to their presence. This story is dedicated to all the first wavers that did survive the process of change and transition. This story is dedicated to every new hero in the field of awareness and truth. Written in 2007 year of the 9 Traveling Diamonds. 4th Edition 2008 year of the Golden Child

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