Peace & Love School

The School for Peace & Love

The School for Peace & Love have been created  in order to facilitate tangible skills of application, of NVP, Non violence practices.
The Art of Peace Project is a Self-sustained Private Project
The School income also provides the means for the development of the art of peace project.


For Register and schedule of private, family,  project or corporate services please contact us. :

The Art of Peace Study Program
9 Key Modules bring by skills on non violence practices with 3+  performance levels.
  1. LEVEL ZERO: Self-management
  2. LEVEL ONE: Communication, collaboration, co-creativity
  3. LEVEL TWO: Facilitator
  4. LEVEL THREE: Team, community, project, organization management
Module Certificate Conditions
Conditions for completion of module at any of the levels of performance described above:
  1. Self-management.
    1. No additional conditions,
    2. But the register fee.
  2. Communication, collaboration, co-creativity.
    1. NVP level Zero Certificate
  3. Facilitator
    1. NVP Level 1 Certificate
    2. Internship (assistant) units of application
    3. Certificate research/monograph
    4. Register in the School for peace as trainer (year membership)
  4. Team, community, project, organization management.
    1. NVP Level 2 Certificate,
    2. Internship (assistant) units of application,
    3. Certificate research/monograph
    4. Register in the School for peace as project/business manager (year membership)

BOOT CAMPS ( Specialized in an application field)

After taking one module, an achieving any  level of performance the student prefer, the students can advance their capacity of application by taking any of the announced boot camps.

The Boot camps are not mandatory, but suggested as in the boot camp experience, wisdom and practical application will be shared.
Boot Camp Length
The boot camps can be of 1,3,5,or 9 continues days, 9-18 hours daily.
The numbers of days taken will define the intensity and depth of the experience.
 There are two certificates. 1.) participation 2.) Capacity of application.
A Participation certificate will be given after completion of the boot camp days.
A Capacity of application certificate will be given under following conditions
  • A Test
  • Project development for purposes of practice
  • Monograph
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